The Trust

The Trust for the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery was founded as an educational charity in March 2003 by seventeen long-standing Symposiasts.

“The objects of the Trust,” as written in its founding Deed, “are the advancement of education in all aspects of food and cooking and the promotion of research into all aspects of those subjects for the benefit of the public”.

The Trust Deed also makes clear that, “In the context of the Trust …the words food and cooking are to be understood and interpreted in the widest sense”.
The Trustees have the following powers to be exercised in promoting the founding aims of the Trust:
“To promote or carry out research”: to encourage participants to carry out original research into any aspect of food and cooking relevant to that year’s subject with a view to writing and presenting a paper on the topic.
“To provide advice”: to offer advice to those seeking research facilities and possibly financial assistance towards the publication of academic food studies.
“To publish or distribute information either at an annual Symposium or otherwise”: to provide a firm financial basis for the annual Symposium and so ensure its continuation; to publish the proceedings of each Symposium in book form available to both specialist and general readers; and to fulfill the educational objective of bringing the study of food before a wider audience by setting up public lectures and talks.
“To cooperate with other bodies”: to work with other educational foundations and institutions to place food studies on an established academic footing.
“To make grants or loans of money including bursaries, travel grants and research grants”: to offer bursaries and travel grants to students who wish to attend the annual Symposium and to provide research grants to those keen to undertake the study of food and cooking and its history, particularly in areas unlikely to attract funds from elsewhere.
“To raise funds”: to maintain an Endowment Fund to allow the Trust to realise its educational objectives.
The Trust is chaired by Elisabeth Luard, the president is Claudia Roden and the director is Ursula Heinzelmann. Theodore Zeldin provides guidance as Patron.
Current Trustees include:
  • Chair: Elisabeth Luard
  • Ken Albala
  • Naomi Duguid
  • Doug Duda
  • Josh Evans
  • Ursula Heinzelmann
  • Gamze İneceli
  • Cathy Kaufman
  • David Matchett
  • Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire 
  • Harold McGee 
  • Mark McWilliams
  • Polly Russell
  • Fiona Sinclair 
  • David Sutton 
  • Bee Wilson

Full details of Symposium’s structure can be found here.

TRUSTEES (2004-2015)

Robert Chenciner
Caroline Conran
Fuchsia Dunlop
Andrew Dalby
Susan Friedland
Susan Haddleton
Ursula Heinzelmann
Anissa Helou
Geraldene Holt
Richard Hosking
Philip Iddison
Cathy Kaufman
Jane Levi
Paul Levy
Elisabeth Luard
Michael Macmillan
Jeremy McClancy
Harold McGee
Mark McWilliams
Jill Norman
Sri Owen
Charles Perry
Cherry Ripe
Claudia Roden
Helen Saberi
Alicia Rios
William Rubel
Raymond Sokolov
David Sutton
Jake Tilson
Harlan Walker
Barbara Ketcham Wheaton
Bee Wilson
Carolin Young
Theodore Zeldin
Some Previous Plenary Speakers:

Darina Allen
Janet Beizer
Anya von Bremzen
Sally Clarke
Ivan Day
Dame Margaret Drabble
Judith Jones
Barbara Kafka
Bruce Kraig
Harold McGee
Sidney Mintz
Jill Norman
Roger Phillips
Simon Schama
Laura Shapiro
Joan Smith
Raymond Sokolov
Colin Spencer
Ruth Reichl
Hervé This
David Thompson
Dame Marina Warner
Barbara Ketcham Wheaton
Anne Willan
Richard Wrangham
Theodore Zeldin
Sami Zubaida
Some of our Guest Chefs:

Karina Baldry
Raymond Blanc
Sage Bernard Conran
Tom Conran
Trine Hahnemann
Henry Harris
Fergus Henderson
Shaun Hill
Katrina Kollegaeva
Aglaia Kremezi
Fabrizia Lanza
Rowley Leigh
Allegra McEvedy
Stevie  Parle
Joseph Michael Patricio
Aylin Öney Tan
Marcia Zoladz
Some of Our Special Contributors:

Sam Bompas
Adrian Bregazzi
Tom Jaine
Patsy Iddison
Tim Kelsey
Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire
Marc Millon
Roger Owen
Harry Parr
Maria José Sevilla
Richard Stevens
Robin Weir
Harry West
Joe Wheaton