It’s All Edible: Four Views of Offal – a video

Peter Hertzmann introduces his offal overview video ‘It’s All Edible: Four Views of Offal’ from his short but rich plenary at the Symposium in July

On the Sunday morning of the 2016 Symposium, I had the pleasure of presenting information about offal from the classic meat-based point of view. As I began to put together the presentation, I quickly realized that there wouldn’t be sufficient time to cover the topic in a presentation. My solution was to write a paper about the subject. Once I had the paper written, I realized that even it was quite incomplete, but I was too lazy to write a book! When I started converting the paper into a presentation, it was still too long so I decided to make it into a video. (In my experience, I can present the same information much faster as a video than a live presentation.)

The video presentation was well received, and there were a lot of requests by the attendees to view it again. So here it is.

We could even say the video is a “trailer” for the paper!

Peter Hertzmann describes himself as a ‘professional ne’erdowell masquerading as an independent researcher’.  He has published and presented papers in numerous publications and venues, including six times at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery. His website is entitled à la carte. His paper will appear in this year’s Proceedings.