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2023 Topic Selection

Symposium tradition dictates that the final session be devoted to democratically selecting the theme for the symposium three years hence. The session is joyfully chaotic and will be hosted by Cathy Kaufman, Mark McWilliams, Elisabeth Luard and Ursula Heinzelmann.

We invite all symposiasts to propose themes for 2023 with the following guidance:

We alternate between abstract and more concrete topics.

2021 will explore “Food and Imagination” (abstract), while 2022 will delve into “Food away from the Table” (concrete). Thus, we are soliciting suggestions on abstract themes.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 23:59 BST on 26 July, 2020, by posting on the Notice Board in the relevant discussion thread.

Proposals should briefly state the theme and suggest its scope and importance. We encourage you to comment and discuss!

The organizers will review the proposals and, where appropriate, combine similar themes into a single topic for consideration by the symposiasts.

Bear in mind that the organizers strive to select the widest possible themes and define topics broadly to encourage the greatest range of papers and discussion; a slight change in the theme nomenclature may nonetheless permit a preferred paper topic.

Immediately following the final Keynote presentation on 2 August, a live Zoom session will begin wherein topic proposals will be discussed and submitted to rounds of voting.

We encourage novel topics, but realize that some themes explored early in the history of the Symposium may deserve reconsideration. For a complete listing of previous themes and to explore the range of papers deemed relevant, check here and here.


2nd August 2020
4:45 pm - 5:30 pm BST

Join the discussion and make your voice heard