Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions

As a not-for-profit organisation, our sole mission statement is to enhance knowledge and to educate food and drink enthusiasts globally. On that basis, we do not distribute any income generated from the fees raised and any income received from the supplies of such educational events are used solely for the continuation or improvement of such supplies.

Cancellation and Refund policy:

For St Catz Symposium cancellations received more than 28 days before the Symposium, we will apply a 10% cancellation fee to your refund to cover our administrative costs; for cancellations 28 days or less before the Symposium, there is no refund.
For Kitchen Table events you have a right to free cancellation within 14 days of booking, and no right to a refund thereafter.
For Online Symposiums you have a right to free cancellation within 14 days of booking. For cancellations more than 28 days ahead the cancellation fee is 30% of the booking fee. There is no refund within 28 days.


As part of the fees paid to attend the symposium, you will receive the following educational and other closely related benefits to better enhance your experience which are exclusive to fee payers.

Exclusive benefits:

– Enhanced instruction or study on educational content related to Food and Drink as per the event details and not just a general discussion.
– Opportunity to discuss topic matters with educational experts in attendance.
– Talks relating to the topic in question presented by authors, either in person at a symposium, or at an online virtual symposium.
– Topic content papers are made available to attendees before the event, and constructive comments made during the sessions act as a peer review process, with learnings incorporated into the final version of the paper which is then published in the Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium for the year.
– Accommodation provided at cost.
– Catering provided at cost.
– No additional goods or services will be supplied to attendees not relating to the educational topic in question including car parking, venue hire etc.

Service Standards:

We provide our educational services to the utmost standards. If we don’t meet the quality level you expect, you agree to tell us and we’ll work with you to try to resolve the issue.

Photographic reproduction:

Photographic reproductions incorporated into website design have been provided by Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir and Jake Tilson. On the Community Workshop, they have been provided by the individual symposiasts and all rights remain with those individuals. These are not licensed for gain, commercial or public use, or any use in the public domain outside this website. We did our best to identify all sources. If you have queries or amendments please email us at