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Can food really bring people together?
Kamal Mouzawak of Souk el Tayeb in Beirut believes so.

Since biblical times Lebanon has been a multicultural, geographically diverse country and the people have had more than their fair share of troubles. Is food up to those many challenges, can it really bring people together?

Kamal Mouzawak believes so.

This Kitchen Table becomes the Kitchen Tawlet as we join him and his collaborators, Christine Codsi and Jaimee Lee Haddad, to learn more about life in Beirut and Lebanon, and their journey to build and maintain a community through food.

The Souk el Tayeb is its people; farmers, producers, and cooks, all working together to provide sustenance, nourishment and the pleasure of living, as everyone has these basic human needs. At times the journey has proven difficult: what have been the biggest challenges, both at the beginning and more recently? What about the next generation, what is their participation in the food chain, on the farm, in the kitchen and at the Souk?

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21st January 2021
5:00 pm GMT

Reading list

To help get the conversation started, we suggested some background information to wet the appetite.


A short sum-up of his project.

A more detailed study.

A more recent portrait of Kamal.

The proceedings of the 2014 OFS on Food and Markets look at all kind of different facets; for KT4 we recommend in particular the following papers:

Maniva Ecochefs: Forging a New Link between Producers and Consumers in an Organic Street Market in Rio de Janeiro by Daniel Coelho, Fátima Portilho and Maria Teresa Corção.

The Pilgrimage to El Babour – A Functioning Mill in the Nazareth Market by Abbie Rosner.


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