Kitchen Table


We need to talk about…

For everyone with a deep interest in food who feels the need to change the conversation, the Oxford Food Symposium’s Kitchen Table presents single subject, hosted discussions, with all voices respected. Unlike the distance that comes with a keynote delivered from a lectern, these are informal, personal encounters around a table, to share ideas and spark constructive debate on issues that profoundly affect us all. So pull up a virtual chair and join us!


The Wiki Club

All together now

We are delighted to invite, or invite back, the OFS community to participate in the Symposium’s monthly Wiki Club. Together, we are improving the content and raising the profile of food-related articles on Wikipedia.

Sifter: The Ask

Searching for Foods in History

The Ask is a monthly session to help food history enthusiasts and researchers learn how to use and share feedback about The Sifter. Sessions are interactive, fun, and can cover a plethora of topics including basics and account setup, compound search inquiry, exporting datasets, visualizing data, and more.

Kitchen Lab

A warm welcome to the Kitchen Lab

Hosted by founder Birgitte Kampmann, a professional cook based in Copenhagen, the Kitchen Lab is a virtual gathering of Symposiasts and friends from all over the world who meet up for a couple of hours every month to exchange food stories and cook along with a guest cook.

Our Mission

Together at the Table

The idea for monthly gatherings on a regular basis orginated in 2020 , when a necessity became a vision and then a virtual reality, allowing us to come together, discuss and share, learn and laugh – almost like in Oxford, at St Catz. That exceptional experience made us understand how important it is to create and safeguard an accessible online space where our community can meet and grow, independent from any commercial or political interests, travel restraints or health scares.


Welcome! The kitchen table is where we chop vegetables, knead dough, do homework, pause for a cup and a bite, or share supper with friends. It is the place where ideas take root and blossom.