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Cheers to Spring!
Winter has finally started to loosen her grip where I live in the northern US, and color is returning to the landscape. Buds have begun to appear on the trees,…
Holiday Greetings, Readings, and Eatings
It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the end of 2023. Looking back on all of our Kitchen Table activities, from the monthly Conversations, Kitchen Labs, Sifter Asks, and Wiki Club to the…
The First-Time Symposiast as Gardener
It all begins so humbly: a tiny seed, a little kernel of an idea. The hopeful symposiast has her eye on the perfect spot for a garden, er… I mean,…
Meet the OFS Young Chefs of 2023 and their mentor, artist and restaurateur Jinok Kim-Eicken
Nourish the Body, Feed the Soul” Our Sunday Lunch, last meal of the Symposium Weekend, will be a collaboration between this year’s four OFS Young Chefs taking inspiration from their Muse – Korean-born chef and ceramic artist, Jinok Kim-Eicken.    The OFS Young Chefs – Andiswa Mqedlana from South…
Meet the 2023 OFS Keynote Speakers
Rules and rituals inform both the quotidian and the extraordinary events of our lives. Our Keynote speakers will launch our investigations into our daily and anniversary practices by contextualizing how…
2023 Rules and Rituals: the Meals
Knife and fork at the ready!   This year’s communal meals, masterminded  by Meals Co-ordinator, Trustee Gamze Ineceli, will be prepared, as usual, by our invited chefs in the kitchen at St…


What's Cooking
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