In this together

Calling all Symposiasts and well-wishers –
let’s invest in our future!

In 2020 the world changed dramatically, so we created a virtual space and broadened our community even more. Our new spaceship is fuelled by vision, dedication, imagination and love – but it also needs constant maintenance and therefore money to keep it going and make our endeavours sustainable in the long term to move forward and constantly enlarge our community.

Please help. Thank you.

Illustration by Elisabeth Luard

A badge of honour

We are equally grateful for your support of our educational aims, helping to facilitate our outreach programmes. For a donation of £20 or more we are happy to send you a lapel-badge with Jake Tilson’s elegant Symposium logo.

Wearing your badge will signal your place in a community of like-minded people and prompt many more inspirational discussions and connections. So please donate as much as you can, wear your badge with pride, and spread the message wherever you go. As co-habitees of our vulnerable planet, we need to talk.

Our American Friends

The American Friends of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery is a tax-exempt U.S. foundation organized to promote the Symposium and its aims in the United States.

The American Friends of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery administers the OFS Rising Scholar Award, which supports research by young scholars and The Julia Child Foundation Grant, which traditionally supports students and, in 2020, offered significant financial support towards the building of V-Symp spaceship.

The American Friends’ officers are:
– Doug Duda, president
– Cathy Kaufman, secretary and acting treasurer
– Richard Shepro, director

To make a U.S. tax-deductible donation to the American Friends, or to express interest in contributing time or other support, click here please or contact us at

Join us at the Table

The meals are integral to the Symposium. They offer us an opportunity to invite carefully selected organisations and producers to join us and bring their foods, wines, and expertise to the table. Those invitations offer rare access to a highly discerning and influential group of food scholars, writers, and enthusiasts from all around the globe.

Recent invitees have included national tourism boards, like Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Malaysia; regions, like Italy’s Emilia-Romagna; food industry groups, like Seafood Scotland and Quality Meat Scotland; food producers, like Blutwurst-Manufaktur and Joselito; retailers, like Ultracomida; and beverage producers, like Schloß Vaux, Domaine La Louvière, and Crus Bourgeois du Médoc.

If you think you have something to offer that would change the conversation and improve the plate and that we should therefore expand the table to include you, please get in touch with the Symposium’s Director at