Next symposium

8 – 10 July and through to July 31
at St Catz, Oxford, and Online – TBC

Paper-proposals are invited on the subject of Portable Food – Food away from the Table. While it might be tempting to discuss migration of people and foodstuffs, much of this was covered in Food on the Move in 1983, the first Symposium at which papers were formally presented. We therefore encourage the consideration of the possibilities inherent in situations in which food is eaten somewhere other than in the home’s traditional eating area or its commercial equivalents: restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc.

Paper proposals for 2022 are now invited

Every year the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery invites anyone with an interest in food and its history to submit a paper for consideration. The Symposium has a longstanding tradition of quirky openness to all things, including seemingly non-academic topics. However, to maintain our high standards regarding content and to keep everything manageable, we ask all authors to conform strictly to our rules. We reserve the right to return or to refuse proposals as well as papers for technical reasons.

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What to expect

An immersive weekend and beyond

Our 2022 Symposium will be as lively and interactive and welcoming as usual, and another great adventure: hopefully the challenge will be combining the physical and virtual events so that our community can continue to thrive, with the best of both worlds. If the worldwide pandemic permits, the weekend will be a full-time immersion in gatherings for keynote talks, papers, meals as well as educational and other inspiring activities. Recordings, additional content, discussions and on-line meetings will then follow until the Grande Online-Finale of the Symposium.

A symposium for everyone

We anticipate a high level of enthusiasm, so will be limiting places to allow all participants to make their voices heard.  The Symposium has always been a coming-together rather than setting-apart: Admission will be, as usual, first-come first-served, no academic qualifications required.

Awards, grants & prizes

We have a number of assisted places, student rates, awards, grants and prizes that all applicants should endeavour to consult before registering their place.

St Catz is still our spiritual home

As soon as we can, we will return to St Catz, and you can read about the physical campus below.


For further information on the Symposium, including activities, meals, dress, Symposium etiquette and more.

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