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Kitchen Lab and KL Techniques

Join us for a KL Techniques workshop on strained yoghurt 

Tuesday, May 28th from 17:00 - 18:00 hours (BST)

One hour LIVE via zoom

"Strained yoghurt where it is hung in a cloth to remove the whey and make it into a stiff dough is known variously as suzma, labna cheese or chakka.  These names are usually given by the process, shape or what it’s made from. It’s a simple and different way to use yoghurt which you may normally have in the fridge, turning into a new simple, nutritious, delicious and versatile addition to your repertoire.  Being from the Silk Route I’m only going to talk about what we do in this region, however, similar food is eaten almost everywhere. In Azerbaijan we strain yoghurt particularly when having savoury dolma or kuku, making it easy to dollop it into our little loghmeh or flatbread scoops so it doesn’t ooze out too much. Or when making kangar, moosir and spinach yoghurt dishes."

During this workshop cookery teacher Simi Rezai-Ghassemi is going to share her method of straining yoghurt and demonstrate how to make flavoured yoghurt balls.

Recipes and instructions for savoury and sweet “white goods" will be provided to those who sign-up. Plus an additional rye cracker recipe from Birgitte.

Zoom Event Details

May 28th
5:00 pm BST


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