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Sifter: The Ask December 2022 – Searching Strategies
How to construct effective searches and how to read the results

This session will start with the fundamentals of searching The Sifter and begin to explore the many ways that the information gleaned can be organized, including how to navigate its somewhat daunting interface. In the room to discuss strategies will be members of the Sifter Advisory Board, Barbara Wheaton, Kate Saines, and Joe Wheaton, all of whom worked on the development of The Sifter. Hosting this virtual event (a Zoom meeting) is OFS Chair Cathy Kaufman, with Librarian and Food Studies scholar James Malin at tech support.

Admission is free but for technical reasons we need you to register.

If you are completely new to The Sifter, we suggest you explore the reading list. . . and then come with your questions to The Ask!

Zoom Event Details

7th December 2022
5:00 pm GMT

Reading list

For a general introduction to The Sifter, we strongly recommend you watch the videos created on the occasion of the 2020 Symposium

For an overview of The Sifter
To become active in The Sifter, register (all accounts are free: we don’t believe in paywalls)

Then browse some of the FAQs


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