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Sifter The Ask February 2023
Getting Started : Searching for Foods in History

Please note: This month's gathering will exceptionally take place on February 8, instead of the first Wednesday of the month as usual.

We will focus on how to start working with and further developing The Sifter, covering

  • Setting up an account and website orientation
  • Browsing authors and works
  • Using the “sections” search to research foods

Attendance is free, but for technical reasons, please register. For those unfamiliar with The Sifter, read its full story on our blog.

Zoom Event Details

8th February 2023
5:00 pm GMT

Reading list

For a general introduction to The Sifter, we strongly recommend you watch the videos created on the occasion of the 2020 Symposium

For an overview of The Sifter

To become active in The Sifter, register (all accounts are free: we don’t believe in paywalls)


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