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Hospitality and Gastronomy – a Conflict of Interest?

While chefs have been reinventing themselves and their profession during the last decades, the art of serving has been almost pushed aside. There are few role models for beginners to follow, rare is the case where we choose a restaurant because of the maître d’ and their colleagues. Isn’t this where hospitality starts though?

As a paper proposal for this year’s upcoming symposium puts it “the law of hospitality is profoundly beautiful and embodies all that is good and decent about us, the spirit of human co-existence made visible and recognizable. It is also however impossible, unfeasible, infuriating to abide by, especially for those attempting to eke out a living from it. The word hospitality has been devalued of its original meaning. It is associated now with an industry that is struggling in the aftermath of a mass exodus of those wishing to be part of it.”

Food and cookery need a table and someone setting it, the act of eating also means being looked after and to be made comfortable.

We will have powerful voices at our table to discuss and explore these issues: Jennie Moran aka the Luncheonette, a restaurateur and caterer from Dublin, Juliane Winkler, Maître d’ at Berlin’s Nobelhart und Schmutzig and cofounder of #proudtokellner, and Barış Tansever, founder and patron of Sunset Grill & Bar in Istanbul.

The conversation will be moderated by David Matchett.

Please note: this event will start earlier than usual, at 3pm London time (BST).

Jennie Moran is a Dublin based artist who uses her practice to create opportunities for hospitality. She has gathered knowledge through a degree in sculpture at the National College of Art and Design; international residencies at NES Iceland, Fondazione Ratti, Italy and Galleria Blanda, Buenos Aires. Her projects have been facilitated by Dublin City Council Art Bursary, Arts Council Project Award, Artist in the Community Award, Engaging with Architecture Award and a Visual Art Bursary. In 2013 she founded Luncheonette, a long term art project centred around hospitality and food in Dublin.

Juliane Winkler has been restaurant manager at Berlin's Nobelhart & Schmutzig since 2018. Before that, Winkler spent almost four years as restaurant manager at Reinstoff**, having previously held positions at Kolja Kleeberg’s Vau*, Hartmann’s* and Mine/Wine. It is fair to say that she learned her job from the ground up. Beginning with a part-time student job in university catering, she quickly dis- covered her enthusiasm for this versatile profession. Following formal vocational training as a restaurant manager which she began in 2008 at the Hotel Maritim in Berlin, Winkler opted to focus on upscale gastronomy. For her, the art of service in upscale establishments consists not just in mastering all of the technical aspects of the job with great precision and under immense pressure, but in providing an excellent guest experience, acting in harmony with a team. In addition to the very special energy in service, Winkler particularly appreciates coming into contact with a wide variety of personalities.

Barış Tansever stepped into the restaurant and entertainment industry organizing private parties at Istanbul’s most popular venues while he was still a student at the Business Administration Department of Türkiye’s prominent Boğaziçi University. After graduation he managed Boğazici University Alumni Association’s, BURÇ Restaurant before realizing his dream of opening Sunset Grill&Bar in 1994 when he was only 27 years old. Over the years the attention paid to highest gastronomic standarts and to the intricate art of hospitality has ensured Sunset an undeniable place in the hearts of their clientelle as well as numerous international accolades including The MICHELIN Service Award. Barış has successfully chaired the Board of the Turkish Restaurant and Entertainment Association from its inception in 2003 until 2011 and still continues his support as a member of the Board of Directors. He is also a Board Member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and member of the Board of Trustees at Boğaziçi University Foundation.

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18th April 2023
3:00 pm BST
Free – £15


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