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Wiki Club Meeting June 2023
Top and Side of the Page

We are delighted to invite, or invite back, the OFS community to participate in the Symposium’s monthly Wiki Club. Together, we are improving the content and raising the profile of food-related articles on Wikipedia.

In the inaugural 2021/22 year, we learned about the mechanics of editing, from resources to images, from the lead to the end matter. This year we will touch on these aspects again, but with more of an emphasis on collaborating on-wiki.

On June 6 we will look at the top and the side of the page. Each Wikipedia article has a shadow side, less visible but still public: the talk page and the page history. The left-hand column gives ways to connect with Wikipedia editors worldwide: current events, community portal, learn to edit, and so on. We will whiz through several of these options, with live editing as usual.

Questions very welcome!

We hope to cater to beginners and experienced alike, using Zoom’s break-out rooms. The hour-long sessions will continue to be hosted by expert Wiki trainer and friend of OFS Roberta Wedge with Polly Russell and tech support Anke Klitzing. You are welcome to join us, just once, or each first Tuesday of the month, so we can continue to develop our community committed to building up the food content on the world’s largest encyclopedia and its sister projects.

Admission is free, but for technical reasons we need you to register - and as always, financial help is more than welcome.

If you are completely new to the idea of contributing to Wikipedia, or want a recap of the basics, please watch the video Roberta prepared for the 2020 Symposium (the link is in the reading list).


Zoom Event Details

6th June 2023
5:00 pm BST

Reading list

For a general introduction to Wiki-editing, we strongly recommend you watch the video Roberta created on the occasion of the 2020 Symposium.

Roberta’s detailed sum-ups of our previous meetings have been building up into a valuable resource for Wiki-editing.


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