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Wiki Club Meeting June 2022:
The top of the page and the long sidebar,
with a particular emphasis on collaboration within Wikipedia

We are happy to invite the OFS community and everyone interested to join forces in this new endeavour to improve the content and raise the profile of food-related articles on Wikipedia.

In May we covered how to deal with the bottom of the page, in June our focus will be on the top of the page and the long sidebar,
with a particular emphasis on collaboration within Wikipedia. You can find Roberta's sum-ups of previous meetings here.

Admission is free, but for technical reasons we need you to register - and as always, financial help is more than welcome.

Please note: registration is open until 30 minutes before the start time.

Meeting on-line on every first Tuesday of the month and hosted by expert Wiki trainer Roberta Wedge with trustee Polly Russell and tech lead Anke Klitzing, these informal, friendly and informative sessions aim to coordinate and support your efforts to edit Wikipedia and work on specific, particularly blatant issues. Novices, experts and the Wiki-curious are all welcome, just once, or (preferably) each first Tuesday of the month, so we can build a community committed to improve the food content on the world’s largest encyclopedia and its sister projects.

Over time this ambitious project will increase and improve the presence of food on Wikipedia by reviving the WikiProject Food and Drink. This is central to our commitment to changing the conversation, expanding the table and improving the plate.

Zoom Event Details

7th June 2022
5:00 pm BST

Reading list

For a general introduction to Wiki-editing, we strongly recommend you watch the video Roberta created on the occasion of the 2020 Symposium.

Roberta’s detailed sum-ups of our previous meetings are building up into a valuable resource for Wiki-editing.


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