Kitchen Lab and KL Techniques

The idea behind the Kitchen Lab came about during the Oxford Food Symposium’s yearly meet in July 2020 where, due to the pandemic, we all tuned in virtually. The sessions were engaging and interesting as always, but the virtual space in the breakout rooms after a presentation added an extra intimacy. Writer, Maryellen Burns-Dabaghian started a discussion thread on “Cooks vs. Food Historians” that sparked the question of the importance of cooking, the knowledge of cooking when writing about food or making recipes.

As a professional chef and recipe developer, I know it takes skill and experience to nail the dish behind the recipe and to make the process clear for the reader. I was very happy that Maryellen brought this important discussion to light. I am Birgitte Kampmann, based in Copenhagen, founder of the Kitchen Lab, chef and community builder.

The KL would be nothing without the support, interest and participation of the OFS members!

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