Our Wiki-Food and (mostly) Women Project

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It’s women who’ve been cooking the flaming thing for thousands of years [1].So why are they not on Wikipedia?

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We are part of a broader effort led by Wikipedia to redress imbalances in its content. Although anyone can contribute, a 2010 survey by the United Nations University found that around three-quarters of Wikipedia editors are men. This gender imbalance among contributors has resulted in many fewer entries about women being created. In the field of food – where so many women have been cooks, as well as cookbook authors, inventors, nutritionists and food writers – this gender gap is especially glaring.

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Identify a Subject, write about it (anywhere), and let us know

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Create Wikipedia entries (we’ll teach you how)

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http://www.location-sumos.com/images/?mg=average-price-per-pill-viagra average price per pill viagra How to Edit Wikipedia – Some Tips, with thanks to Andrew Dalby and David Palfrey

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buy viagra online malaysia ‘Meet the Women Bringing the Kitchen to Wikipedia’, New Statesman, 17 April 2016
BBC Woman’s Hour, 27 April 2016 (from 23:50)
Wikipedia Meetup/US women food writers
Blog post by Bee Wilson about Wikithon, July 2015


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