January 2014

2nd Biennial Dublin Gastronomy Symposium

“Dublin diary date:  June 3rd-4th 2014 are the dates of the 2nd Biennial Dublin Gastronomy Symposium”

… says long-time OSFC Symposiast Mairtin Mac ConIomaire (see his account of the OSFC’s 2013 Material Culture gathering in ‘Past Years’).  The event will take place at the School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, Dublin Institute of Technology, Cathal Brugha Street.  The theme, ‘Cravings/Desire’, can be interpreted in the widest possible manner ranging from craving or desire for better food and wines, more knowledge about food and beverages, fast food, street food, food in pregnancy, authenticity, novelty, health properties, body image, aphrodisiac, food porn, food as hobby or past time, food for profit, cultural capital, economic and social status etc.

Participants, says Mairtin, can expect good company, Irish hospitality, lively discussion and great food in a collegial environment.   And as those who attended the first event in 2012 will remember, it’ll also be great fun! Details including the call for papers are on the DGS website, http://arrow.dit.ie/dgs/.