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Dr Polly Russell works as a curator of Contemporary Politics and Public Life at the British Library and as a freelance food historian and writer. Polly has a regular column in the FT Weekend magazine (‘The History Cook’) and is co-presenter on the BBC2’s ongoing living history series, ‘Back in Time for Dinner’. Polly curates the annual ‘Food Season’ at the British Library – two months of talks, tastings and workshops which cover subjects as diverse as food in children’s literature to Victorian cake decorating to the politics of packaging. Polly has been a Trustee of the OSFC since 2015. Polly’s research interests include the history of British food and the ways that food is connected to social, cultural and political aspects of everyday life. This direction has been informed by years of active interest in both cooking and eating, and of keeping a watchful eye on trends in food production and cookery both in the UK and abroad – before securing her first academic post, Polly spent four years researching food in Louisiana, worked at Moro and the Carved Angel, and was a food-product developer for Marks & Spencer. For the last eight years Polly has worked as a historical researcher and consultant for Heston Blumenthal and his restaurants.