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I was born in Brazil from Italian and Spanish ancestry. Food was the central part of my life while growing up. I have a degree in Food Engineering (no cooking at all! Pure engineering!) and worked fore many years for the world’s biggest home appliance manufacturer at that time. There, working with new product development in innovation for cooking appliances, I understood the need to get acquainted with the history social history of the kitchen, the history of food in Brazil and what cooking and eating meant to Brazilians of all walks of life. This led me to enter in a new and exciting area of knowledge: Food Studies.  

In 1996 I have moved to Canada and in 2013 I started working in Mexico. Now I work both with the home appliance manufacturers and the food industry, mainly in innovation processes. I use Design Thinking, ethnography and food studies in what I call “the bridge linking the two solitudes”: using the information acquired in Human Sciences for the advancement of R&D in the various industries. 

My passions are collecting and reading cookbooks, gardening but most and foremost cooking and sharing food with family and friends. 

I live and work in Canada (Québec), México (Puebla) and Brazil (São Paulo).

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