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7 – 9 July at St Catherine’s College/Oxford
and 16 – 30 July Online

While rules and rituals provide emotional reassurance in times of trouble, fear of famine – never far from human consciousness – is traditionally addressed by imposing rules on what, how, and when we put food in our mouths. Some of these traditions survive in the form of superstition: eating a lucky meal before a football match; choosing a particular meal before embarking on a risky undertaking; blessing bread or marking it with a cross before placing it in the oven; muttering an apology after dropping a grain of rice; setting an empty chair at table for the unexpected guest.

Paper proposals for 2023 are now invited

Every year the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery invites anyone with an interest in food and its history to submit a paper for consideration. The Symposium has a longstanding tradition of quirky openness to all things, including seemingly non-academic topics. However, to maintain our high standards regarding content and to keep everything manageable, we ask all authors to conform strictly to our rules. We reserve the right to return or to refuse proposals as well as papers for technical reasons.

Keynote speakers

Kamal Mouzawak

Founding-father of Lebanon’s ‘Souk el Tayeb’

Micha Schäfer

Teacher and founder of Simi’s Kitchen in Bath

Martin Kullik and 
Jouw Wijnsma

Disruption of Rules and Rituals

Guest Chefs

Kamal Mouzawak

Founding-father of Lebanon’s ‘Souk el Tayeb’

Simi Rezai

Teacher and founder of Simi’s Kitchen in Bath

Micha Schäfer

Head Chef at Nobelhart & Schmutzig in Berlin

Young Chefs

Inspired by former opera singer, ceramic artist and chef Jinok Kim-Eicken

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What to expect

An immersive Weekend and beyond

The Weekend will be a full-time immersion in gatherings for keynote talks, papers, meals as well as educational and other inspiring activities. Online, recordings, additional content, panel discussions and social meetings will then follow during the Conference, until the Grande Online-Finale of the Symposium.

A symposium for everyone

We anticipate a high level of enthusiasm, so will be limiting places to allow all participants to make their voices heard.  The Symposium has always been a coming-together rather than setting-apart: Admission will be, as usual, first-come first-served, no academic qualifications required.

Awards, grants & prizes

We have a number of assisted places, student rates, awards, grants and prizes that all applicants should endeavour to consult before registering their place.

St Catherine’s, affectionately known as St Catz, is our spiritual home

We are happy to be back at St Catz, and you can read about the physical campus below.


For further information on the Symposium, including activities, meals, dress, Symposium etiquette and more.

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