January 2017

Next Wikieditathon Date Announced

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On 21 January 2017 millions of people across the globe marched on behalf of women’s rights and, by extension, all forms of discrimination. Now, many wonder what tangible steps they can take to actually forward this ideology. A simple but meaningful way to do so is by adding responsible material to Wikipedia, the world’s most consulted encyclopedia, that can redress the imbalances of its current content.

Over the last 18 months, in collaboration with the British Library and Wikimedia, the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery has hosted three Wikieditathons. These events, held at the British Library, have provided training and support for Wikiediting with the aim of increasing (and improving) the volume of wiki entries about food, especially entries about women’s contributions to food and cooking culture (statistically 90% of wiki editors are men and this gender bias is reflected in Wiki content).

So far our Wikiedits have attracted MA students, historians and cookery writers as well as amateur food enthusiasts. The project has contributed a number of new and diverse entries on Wikipedia including information about the early twentieth century cookery writer Florence White, post-partum practices on feeding practices in modern-day China, a translation from German to English of an entry about the 16th-century cookbook author Anna Wecker and a page about the writer and hostess Mrs C. F. Leyel. A OFS Wiki webpage containing details of entries edited and added so far and a list of suggested entries still missing on Wikipedia will be available soon. In addition to the Wikiedits taking place in London, satellite events have taken place at the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute and NYU Food Studies and there are plans for events to take place in Istanbul, Texas, Australia and Paris in 2017.

The next Wikiedit will be held at the British Library on: 28th April from 10.00 – 17.00

Anyone interested to learn how to Wikiedit or wanting to improve their editing skills or just to edit in a friendly environment with a group of food enthusiasts is more than welcome to attend. We would also love to hear from people with Wiki editing skills who might be able to help with training and assistance. The British Library OSFC Wikiedits include lunch and refreshments, training from experienced Wikimedia staff and a brief but brilliant lunchtime talk – at the last event in July attendees were lucky enough hear from Barbara Ketcham Wheaton about her incredible cookery book database.

Please contact Carolin Young if you would like to attend the training event on the 28th April: young.carolin@gmail.com.

Please contact Polly Russell if you are an experienced Wikieditor and able to offer assistance on the day: polly.russell@bl.uk.

More information about the Wiki project can be found here.