April 2019

Episode 2 – Aylin Öney Tan – The Opium Poppies of Anatolia April 17, 2019

What happens when one people’s traditional food is also an international controlled substance? Turkish architect and food researcher Aylin Öney Tan does a deep dive into the history of opium poppy cultivation in Anatolia, and the subsequent decades of international political interference in Turkey’s agricultural production.

The Symposium paper given by Aylin Öney Tan on The Popppy: Potent yet Frail can be found here.
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Aylin Öney Tan is an architect, conservator, food writer and culinary researcher. She is the food columnist for Hürriyet Daily News (Fork & Cork), the English edition of the leading Turkish national daily, and a regular writer for The Guide Istanbul. She is a regular participant of Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery since 2007, and has won the Sophie Coe Award for food history in 2008. She is the leader of Slow Food Ankara Convivium and the author of ‘A Taste of Sun & Fire: Gaziantep Cookery’.
Twitter: @aylinoneytan
Instagram: @aylinoneytan