May 2019

Episode 6 Bee Wilson – Why Kitchen Technology Matters May 15, 2019

Food writer Bee Wilson traces the genealogy of kitchen utensils and how they shape our lives– from vegetable peelers to paleolithic knives, chopsticks and even the mortar and pestle. She begs the question: why shouldn’t we consider kitchen tools to be just as important as military or industrial technology?

The Symposium paper given by Bee Wilson on Sporks, Pestles and Peelers: Why Kitchen Technology Matters can be found here.

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Bee Wilson is a food writer and school food campaigner. She is the author of several books on food related subjects including The Way We Eat Now, First Bite and Consider the Fork. She also writes journalism for a wide range of publications including The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and The London Review of Books. She succeeded Paul Levy as the Chair of the Oxford Symposium and first attended the Symposium in 1999. She is currently the chair of TastEd, an organisation bringing sensory food education to U.K. schools as a way to widen a child’s palate, especially for vegetables and to build a healthier relationship with food.
Twitter: @kitchenbee
Instagram: @kitchenbee