May 2019

Episode 4 – Andrea Maraschi -Acorns and Civilized Panic May 1, 2019

What do famine foods throughout history tell us about the world in which they were eaten? Medieval food and magic scholar Andrea Maraschi makes a mythical and historical foray into the history of the lowliest yet most versatile replacement food in European history, the acorn.

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The Symposium paper given by Andrea Maraschi was delivered at the 2018 Symposium on Seeds. It will be published by Prospect Books in summer 2019. All Symposium papers are available to download free on Google Books three years after publication. You can find papers from 1981 – 2015 here.

Andrea Maraschi is a Lecturer in Medieval History and of Social and Economic History of the Middle Ages at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” (Italy). His research interests concern many aspects of food history in medieval times, including magic, medicine, liturgy, banqueting, famine, and mental attitudes.
Twitter: @andrea_maraschi
Instagram: @andrea_maraschi