March 2023

UPDATE and Great News from the Kitchen Table!

Everyone who attended recent Kitchen Tables will already be aware that we are now recording the live discussions, and that they are available to all those who bought tickets, whether they attended the event event or not, to be downloaded as podcasts from the event page.  

Which means that there’ll no longer be a need to prepare edited digests of the chatlines since all ticket-holders can listen to the real thing live or anytime later at their leisure  – not forgetting that if you’re were there and would like to save the chatline for yourself, you can just press the three little dots at the end of the thread.  

Meanwhile, for those who didn’t manage to join this month’s KT, Cooking to Save Your Life, Trustee Priya Mani, who hosted the event, prepared a brief account for our social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – as if you didn’t know!):

Our discussion round the Kitchen Table on March 14th with Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee and Cheyenne Olivier, illustrator of his new recipe book, Cooking to Save Your Life, was lively and enriching for us all. Beginning with Professor Banerjee’s explanation of the way the poor are often judged and dismissed for their economic decisions, when in fact those decisions make emotional and practical sense for the people involved, we moved on to talk about food decisions in the kitchen, the necessary pleasure of snacks, possible definitions of cultural appreciation vs cultural appropriation, and much more. Cheyenne Olivier spoke about her intuitive illustration process, and the value of drawings as a way of encouraging people to engage with recipes and cooking. There was also mention of eating mindfully – for example, using meat or fish as flavour rather than at the centre of the plate, avoiding out of season asparagus or strawberries in northern climes in December etc – rather than performative purity and rule-following. 

one of Cheyenne Olivier’s illustration for their book