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SYMPOSIUM DATES: http://www.location-sumos.com/images/?mg=cialis-20-mg-yeterli-mi cialis 20 mg yeterli mi 7th – 9th July 2017 at St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

Latest news

NEW BLOGS: Introducing Symposiasts Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir and Pelin Dumanlı

NEW BLOG Peter Hertzmann’s offal overview – a video. Watch it here

NEW BLOG Symposiast Aglaia Kremezi on Kokoretsi. Read more here

NEW BLOG Whoever heard of Vegetable Offal? Read more here

NEW BLOG: Symposium President Claudia Roden on brain fritters and Sephardi offal. Read more here

2017 SYMPOSIUM TOPIC ANNOUNCED: The invitation to contribute to ‘Food and Landscape’ is on the website. Link after ‘Offal’

NEW BLOG:  Our Wiki-Food (and mostly women) Project: link

The Oxford Symposium was originally founded and co-chaired by Alan Davidson, pre-eminent food historian and author of The Oxford Companion to Food and Dr Theodore Zeldin, the celebrated social historian of France.
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