December 2017

2017 Symposium Feedback

The Trustees report on feedback from the 2017 Symposium

After the Symposium this past July, we asked Symposiasts to leave us feedback in our online Visitor’s Book. Thank you to everyone for your many constructive and insightful ideas! We are in the process of looking into the feasibility of your suggestions, great and small.

There were two items that emerged quite prominently in your feedback which we thought we would respond to right away. The first concerns the tea and coffee breaks, which many Symposiasts thought could have some healthier options for refreshment—so from next year we will include fresh fruit in addition to biscuits.

The second concerns the fabulous feast from the Boyne Valley on the Friday evening—many Symposiasts were wondering what happened with all those leftover delectables, especially that sumptuous beef and those glorious pies! Fear not, for none of that beautiful food went to waste: the St. Catz kitchen brigade and our many guest cooks enjoyed it too, and it sustained them as they sustained us for the rest of the weekend.

We look forward to giving you more updates as we plan for our next meeting in July 2018: Seeds!