March 2014

Joseph Patricio

Sunday Lunch at The Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery.

 “Pepe’s Social Stew of Leftovers


“For Sunday’s Leftover Lunch at the Oxford Symposium,” says performance artist Joseph Patricio, “I transpose the sense of immediacy that takes place in the closing moments of any market-place – whether in Istanbul or Madrid or Oxford – with a ritual that celebrates the many ways in which food unconsumed and saved throughout the weekend of the Symposium can be reborn in the form of delicious dishes to give pleasure to all.

The event reflects the state of emergency which happens a few minutes before the vendors close shop, whether in a Turkish weekly street market in Berlin or a feira in Rio de Janeiro, when unsold goods are given leftover status. Within this small window of opportunity, customers scramble to make last minute bargains. As with the mood of the marketplace before closing time, our meal invites participants to ruminate on the nourishment of times past and give thought to the future of our own accumulated leftovers.”

 About the artist:

Joseph Patricio – friends call him Pepe – is a performance artist and social ethnographer born in Manila in 1981 and currently based in Berlin and Madrid.  Since 2012, Pepe has been creating situations designed to investigate the meaning of social interaction in contemporary rituals, delivering performances in Madrid, Berlin, Bilbao, Asturias, Rio de Janeiro and Munich. To produce these rituals, he uses ‘old’ and ‘used’ objects such as food-leftovers, mementos and  already-owned clothing placed in ordinary contexts which lead to extraordinary incidents, serendipitous happenings and the weaving-together of connections. From 2003 to 2010 he worked as a dance-performer and researcher of rituals and oral traditions in the Philippines. Awarded a master’s degree in International Performance Research from the Universities of Warwick and Amsterdam, and in the Performing Arts and Visual Culture from the National Museum of Reina Sofia in Madrid, Pepe loves to cook and to dance. For more information, go to