June 2014

Russian Revels

Saturday’s Russian lunch in honour of our Saturday Plenary Speaker, Anya von Bremzen, will be masterminded by a couple of Londoners who set up a catering company, Russian Revels in 2012 with the modest aim,  they say, of revolutionising the image of Eastern Europe by showing that Russian food can be light, luscious and chic.

Karina Baldry is  Muscovite by birth and author of ‘Russia on a Plate’, and anthropologist Katrina Kollegaeva’s roots are in Soviet Estonia.   is an exploration of Russian culture and cuisine in the 21st century rather than simply replicating the traditional dishes while using ingredients and techniques which are recognisably Russia.

Their website is www.RussianRevels.co.uk and you can follow them on Twitter: @RussianRevels (Natasha Nestman took the pic).