Symposiast Food Blogs

Len Fisher

Here is a brief alphabetical listing of food blogs by symposiasts and followers of the symposium Facebook page – a fascinating and unique fund of food lore. More to be added as I hear about them. Enjoy!

Danielle Foreman Acken Honeycomb and Beetroot

Ken Albala Ken Albala’s Food Rant

Mahroo Amiri Noghl-eMey

Cynthia Bertelsen Gherkins and Tomatoes: The Joy of Cookbooks

Rijntje Biljardt Food history and historical recipes (in Dutch)

Jacob Bonwitt Rest or Rant

Karen Burns Booth Lavender and Lovage

Holly Botner Jittery Cook: Recipes Worth Sharing

Jennifer Harington Brizzi Tripe Soup 2

Belinda Broughton Tastetickler

Carolina M Capehart Historic Cookery (C18 & C19)

Jim Chevalier Les Leftovers

Lynne Clark Greedy Piglet

Janet Clarkson The Old Foodie: Food History with Recipes

Dave Cook Eating in Translation

Marsha Coupe Lovers Kitchen

Prateek Dasgupta Flavor of Spice

Julia Dawson Julia chews the fat

Lucinda Antal von Dorgicse  Grab Your Spoon

Irina Dumitrescu Food Gone Wrong

Robyn Eckhardt  Eating Asia

Len Fisher The Science of Food and Gastronomy: An Eclectic Selection of Articles

Stephanie Georgieff Real Food Empire

Kamal Ghorashian History of Persian Cuisine



Helen Graves  Food Stories

Hagargeranit  Israeli food blog (in Hebrew)

Marcella Hazan Vertical de Marcella


Clare Heal Clare Cooks


Ursula Heinzelmann

Peter Hertzmann  à la carte (e-Zine / Food blog)

Sarah Hodge Bundtlust

Ashley S. Hunka  Fork It

Kaveri Ponnapa Kambiranda Food of the Kodavas or Coorgs of Southern India

Laura Kelley The Silk Road Gourmet

Charlotte Kleyn (in Dutch)

Aglaia Kremezi Aglaia’s Table / Aglaia’s News

Rachel Laudan A Historian’s Take on Food and Food Politics

Don Lindgren A Code of Eatics

Bernadette Martin Rants From My Crazy Kitchen

Rhona McAdam Go Local Nutriition

Lisa McLaughlin Foie Girl

Nora Hamukwaya Matland The forgotten recipe

Janet Mendel My Kitchen in Spain

Elizabeth Minchilli Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Madeleine Morrow Cardiovascular Cooking / Food and Travel

Sarahlynn Pablo Filipino Kitchen

Maya Parson Cultured Grub: From highbrow to chow chow

Nazima Pathan  Franglais kitchen

Karen Peters KarenFood

Charlotte Pike  Charlotte’s Kitchen Diary

Shirlee Posner  Eat Surrey

Ammini Ramachandran  Peppertrail

Jayasri Ravi  My Veg Fare

Keith Reeves In Search of Taste

Karen Resta Food Writing Encyclopedia / Postcards from the Dinner Table / Food and Food Art


Kerstin Rodgers  MsMarmiteLover

Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir A Little Food History: Icelandic food blog (in Icelandic mostly)

Cheryl Sternman Rule  5 second rule

Jeanne Sauvage Art of Gluten-Free Baking

Giulia Scarpaleggia Juls’ Kitchen – Stories and Recipes in Tuscany

Phyllis Segura Cooking on the River

Balakkrishnan Selvakumar From Madras to America, from Biology to Gastronomy

Linda Shiue Spicebox Travels

Deana Sidney Lost Past Remembered

Leni Sorensen Indigo House

Janis Handman Tester Bite Me New England

Wendy Tien The Upstart Kitchen

Keuken van Bergen Food blog in Dutch

Mariso Raniolo Wilkins All Things Sicilian and More

Rebecca Williams Many Fold Farm

Regula Ysewijn Miss Foodwise

Carolin C. Young Almanach des Gourmands

Mehrunnisa Yusuf Pakistani food blog (also Polish!)

Marcia Zoladz Cozinha da Márcia