October 2014

Food Blogs

Len Fisher

The culinary magazine SAVEUR (“for people who experience the world food first”) each year hosts the “Best Food Blog” awards, with blogs nominated by readers from the many, many thousands that now inhabit the blogosphere. Many of our symposiasts write blogs, and one theme for Oxford 2015 could surely be the blogging experience.

What do blogs communicate, and how? How does a blogger attract an audience? What sort of topics do they cover? What sort of feedback do bloggers get that might help them to communicate more effectively? Have any of our bloggers been nominated for, or received, awards such as the Saveur award?

The 2014 winners and runners-up are listed at http://www.saveur.com/content/best-food-blog-awards-2014-winners). The overall winner was the self-referential “i am a food blog”. Simple but effective, as all communication about food must ultimately be.