June 2016

Three symposiasts and their work

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Andrew Dalby introduces a new series featuring Symposiasts and their work

No other meeting is quite like the Oxford Food Symposium. It’s unique for the varied origins, backgrounds and skills of participants who come together from all over the world for three days in Oxford during which food cultures meet and specialisms interact.

This may, with luck, be the beginning of a series about individual symposiasts: what they do, what they write, what they bring to Oxford. In these three posts we introduce –

Sally Grainger, reconstruction archaeologist, recreator of Roman food and acknowledged expert on ancient fish sauce [continue reading]

Ken Albala, symposium trustee, food history academic, tireless teacher and writer on Renaissance banquets, beans and much else [continue reading]

Anthony Buccini, historical linguist, hunter of medieval Mediterranean meals, who carried off the Sophie Coe Prize with his first Symposium paper in 2005 [continue reading]