Each year, papers presented at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery are collected in a volume of Proceedings.  Now edited by Mark McWilliams, the Proceedings are published by Tom Jaine at Prospect Books.

The Proceedings can be purchased at Amazon and other booksellers.  For best availability, contact Prospect Books at Allaleigh House, Blackawton, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7DL, UK or email tom.jaine@prospectbooks.co.uk. (For papers from the year 2002-2003 contact Footwork, 7 Stackpool Road, Bristol BS3 1NG, UK, or email info@footwork.org.)

Due to the extraordinary generosity of the Friends of the Oxford Symposium, volumes from Symposia prior to the most recent three years are now available on Google Books and as free downloads here.

2012 Stuffed and wrapped Foods (forthcoming July 2013)
2011 Celebrations
2010 Cured, Fermented and Smoked Foods
2009 Food and Language
2008 Vegetables
2007 Food and Morality
2006 Eggs
2005 Authenticity
2004 Wild Food
2003 Nurture
2002 Fat
2001 The Meal
2000 Food & Memory
1999 Milk: its Uses, Products and Substitutes
1998 Food in the Arts
1997 Fish: Food from the Waters
1996 Food & Travel
1995 Cooks and Other People
1994 Disappearing Foods
1993 Look & Feel: Studies in Texture, Appearance & Incidental Characteristics of Food
1992 Spicing up the Palate: Studies of Flavourings, Ancient and Modern –Out of Print
1991 Public Eating
1990 Fasting and Feasting
1989 Staple Foods
1988 The Cooking Pot
1987 Taste
1986 The Cooking Medium
1985 Kitchen Lore and Science
1984 Criteria for Excellence in Cookbooks
1983 Food in Motion: Migration of Foodstuffs and Techniques –Out of Print
1981 National and Regional Styles of Cookery –Out of Print