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2021 - Food & Imagination
The draft papers are now being edited, to be published in time for the 2022 symposium.
Imaginary Diets, Edible Masculinities: Pirate Food in History and Fiction
Volker Bach
Chaat: Why India’s Beloved Snack Is also a Feat of the Imagination
Vidya Balachander
Eat, Lose, Imagine
Janet Beizer
Delicacies Real and Imagined: Food and Drink as a Diplomatic Gift
Paul Brummell
Poetic Wisdom and Food for the ‘Savage Mind’: Greek Tamisos and Provençal Toma as Evidence of Ancient Celtic Cheesemaking
Anthony Buccini
The Infidels’ Drink: Coffee Encounters and Transformations in Early Modern Malta
Noel Buttigieg
‘Imagine a zoo …’ – Show and Surprise Dishes in German Medieval Cuisine, an Homage to the Medieval Chef
Astrid Böhm, Julia Eibinger, Helmut W. Klug
Edibly Ever After: The Foods of Seventeenth Century French Fairy Tales
Mary Margaret Chappell
European TV Dinners
Rares Craiut
Waterloo Porridge and Plentiful Yorkshire Teas: Food and the Creation of Northern English Identities in Mid-Nineteenth Century Novels
Gill Eastabrook
Imaginary Feasts: Virtual Meals in a Second World War Prison Camp and in COVID Times
Suzanne Evans
Celebrating the Franco-Russian Alliance: French Chefs as Purveyors of Influence and Creators of Culinary Imagination
Caroline Favre
Imagination and Food in the Black Diaspora
Rebecca Fils-Aime
Food and Foodways in Science Fiction
Len Fisher, Anders Sandberg
Saving Food in Bulgaria: Imagining Hopeful Futures Through Quiet Food Sovereignty
Lindsey Foltz
A Conceit of Coney: Britain’s First Television Food History Programme - How Philip Harben Pulled a Rabbit out of a Castle to Imagine what Food Broadcasts May Have Looked like in Elizabethan Times
Kevin Geddes
Feast for the Soul: Food Imaginaries in a South Indian Performance
Sudha Gopalakrishnan
Food as Fun and Fantasy in the Old Comedy of Ancient Athens
Christopher Grocock
The Curious Case of Nala’s Mirror on Cooking: Innovation in Medieval Indian Cookbook Writing
Andrea Gutiérrez
Stories Full of Recipes
Adrienne Harrington
Materializing the Culinary Dreamscape: Maps, Guidebooks, and the Role of Terroir in (Re)Constructing the Myth of the French Gastronomic Utopia
Jenny Herman
Cogito ergo sum meditati: I Think, Therefore I Imagine!
Peter Hertzmann
Reconsidering the Culinary Imagination
Jennifer Holm
Caste: The Main Character of Indian Food
Ragini Kashyap
Food, the Imagination, and Social Resistance in Sandra Cisneros’s Woman Hollering Creek
Méliné Kasparian
Food and the Irish Short Story Imagination
Anke Klitzing
Big Cheese: Cheese and American Imagination
Bruce Kraig
Steak or Salad? Food, Gender, and the Victorian Imagination
Michael Krondl
Defining Good Food Design through Case Studies from Turkey
Sibel Kutlusoy
Imagination and Food (and Drink) in the Novels of Iris Murdoch
Paul Levy
Fish and Foreigners: The Case of Hot Salmon in Early Modern England
Joshua Lovinger
The Hen that Laid a Tofu Egg
Priya Mani
‘My Dear Miss Eddington’: Reader Letters and Early Twentieth Century Food Media
Emily Martin
Singapore’s Rising Hawkers: Food, Heritage, Imagination, and Entrepreneurship
Keri Matwick
Persian Tahdig: A Canvas for Culinary Imagination, Innovation, and Artistry
Nader Mehravari
‘Broiling is the poetry of cooking’: The Imaginative Symbolism of Gridirons and Broiling in Nineteenth-Century Food Writing
Lindsay Middleton
The Spiritual in the Sensual, the Sensual in the Virtual: Modern-Day Spirituality through a Community-Supported Farm
Caitlin Morgan
The Cookbook Whisperer: How Maria Guarnaschelli’s Powers of Imagination Redefined Recipes
James Oseland
New York’s Artisanal Oyster Farmers: Creating the Wild(ish) Oyster
Charity Robey
The Birth of a Legend: Mole de Guajolote and Mestizo Identity in the Imaginary of Post-Revolutionary Mexico
Ana Karen Ruiz de la Peña Posada
Food Reimagined: Diasporic Identity and Authenticity
Shayma Saadat
‘Bileti’ to ‘Desi’: Global Foodways and the Re-Imagining of Bengali ‘Modern’ Cuisine in Late Colonial Bengal
Samapan Saha
‘Coming from a Place of Impossibility’: Imagining a World without Taste
Anna Seecharan
Have It Your Way: Elizabeth David and the Problem of Norman Douglas
Laura Shapiro
Making the Ordinary Exotic: The Role of Literary Imagination in the Rise of Gastronomic Tourism in Early Twentieth-Century France
Richard Shepro
Food Looks like a Lady: Designing Gastronomy through Ritualized Seduction
Maximillian Shrem
Incredible Edibles: American History in Chocolate, Cheddar, and Confectionary Forms
Nancy Siegel
Reading the Cookbooks of Communist Romania: A Very Intimate Defence
Adriana Sohodoleanu
Stirring Up Historical Imagination: Promoting the Teaching of History through Food-Based Pedagogy
Nicholas Tosaj
Boundary, Body, Ban: Moral Transformation of Gamey Flavour (yewei 野味) in China
Xinran Wang
Food in Sabbath Table Hymns: A Taste of the World to Come
Susan Weingarten
Teaching Cookery Gets Personal: Harnessing Imagination to Feed the Will to Learn
Nikki Werner
A Short History of Science Fiction and Fantasy Tie-in Cookbooks
Shana Worthen
2020 - Herbs & Spices
The papers are available to buy as the 2020 Proceedings.
The Rise and Fall of Certain Herbs
Ken Albala
A Visual History of Basil
Lauren Allen
Season to Measure: Measurements in Early Culinary Recipes and their Relation to Medicine
Volker Bach
Melegueta or Grains of Paradise: To be ‘Pepperish’
Scott Barton
Cheating the Senses
Nina Bauer
Traveling with a Hairy Heart, or Where Cooking with Annatto Can Take You
Janet Beizer
A Twenty-First Century Spice: A Journey to Madagascar and the Promise and Peril of the Wild Tsiperifery Pepper
Eric Bishop-von Wettberg, Maya Moore, Amy Trubek
A Journey Back in Taste: Herbs and Spices in Medieval German Cuisine
Astrid Böhm, Julia Eibinger, Helmut W. Klug, Christian Steiner, Fritz Treiber
Shichimi: The Spice, its Trade, and Centuries of Food Business Survival in Japan
Voltaire Cang
Cannabis in Your Spice Rack
Suzanne Caskie
Green Gold of the Galleons: Culinary Spices or Medical Supplies? Economic Plant Journeys from Mexico to the Philippines in the ‘Age of Empire’
Marianne (Jen) Datiles, Michael Heinrich, Vivienne Lo, Francesca Scotti
‘But the spices are my love’: Understanding the Significance of Spices in Indian Diaspora Fiction
Devika Devika
Now Entering Hyperspice: The Boomer’s Last Hurrah
Doug Duda
The Struggle for Za’atar and Akkoub: Israeli Nature Protection Laws and the Criminalization of Palestinian Herb-Picking Culture
Rabea Eghbariah
Grass Fed: Cannabis Cooking in the United States
Rebecca Federman, Jessica Pigza
‘Half-Coloured with Turmeric’: The Visual Function of Spices in Early Modern Britain
Julia Fine
The Savoury Course at Oxford and Cambridge Colleges
Paul Freedman
Vodka in Early Modern Muscovy: Foreign Doctors, Travelling Herbalists, and the Tsar’s Kitchen
Alexandr Gorokhovskiy
‘Pound pepper and lovage’: The Use of Spices in the Apician Recipe Text
Sally Grainger
Foraged Food of Nepal: Stinging Nettle, is it a Super Food?
Binti Gurung
Perils of Popularity: How Popularization Leads to Ultimate Degradation
Ian Hemphill
The Road That Spices Travel is No Longer Silk
Peter Hertzmann
Captain James Cook, Scurvy, and the Use and Misuse of Herbs
Heather Hunwick
The Chile Diaspora: Unravelling Evidence from Sixteenth Century Botanicals
Michael Krondl
‘Good Old Things’: The Transformation of Wild Herbs from Common Sustenance to Aristocratic Luxury in Early Modern England
Gina Rae La Cerva
Saffron and Šavu’ot: A Note on Jewish Memory and Pharmacology
Joshua Lovinger
Stone Curry: P. perlatum as a Secret Spice in Indian food
Priya Mani
Cinnamomum Zeylanicum: Continuing Voyages of Discovery
Jennifer Moragoda
What Does Prestige Taste Like? The Divorce of Saffron from Its Cultural Context
James O'Donnell
‘A Spice of Idolatry’: Seditious Spices and Ginger Anxieties in Jonson’s Bartholomew Fair
Taylor Parrish
Season with Money, Knowledge, Civilisation, and Exchange: Culinary Herbs and Spices during Colonial Rule in the Congo (1885 to 1960)
Eva Schalbroeck
‘This is all very well, but where in Ireland can you get fresh tarragon?’: Myrtle Allen and Herbs: Towards the Creation of an Irish Food Identity
Regina Sexton
“I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.”: The Diasporic Roots of Hot Sauce in Black American Culinary Culture
Kelly Sharp
The Geopolitics of Saffron and the Puzzles of Saffron Arithmetic
Richard Shepro
Pepper and Paradox in the Roman Imagination
Jeremy Simmons
The Wild Yuzu: Japan’s Little Treasure
Aiko Tanaka
Ambiguous Aromatic Umbellifers and Other Obscure Characters: On the Intricacies of Recreating China’s Culinary Past
Robban Toleno
The Curious Case of Asafoetida
Sharmila Vaidyanathan
Food for the Soul: The Rabbis’ Cinnamon
Susan Weingarten
Herbs and Spices in the Court Cuisine of Medieval Cyprus: Food in the Cyprio-Gallic Style
Willliam Woys Weaver
Lessons from the Chilli in China
Gerald Zhang-Schmidt
İsot: The Pepper on Hot Rooftops
Tuba Şatana
2019 - Food & Power
The papers are available to buy as the 2019 Proceedings.
Challenging the Power Relations: Hybrid Foods in a Palestinian Town in Israel
Azri Amram
Ammachis: Challenging Gender Norms in Sri Lanka’s North
Vidya Balachander
Imagining Fritter Power: Diaspora Centered at the Margin
Scott Barton
Shooting them Softly: Photographing Lower-Class Eaters in Belle Époque Paris.
Janet Beizer
Gastrodiplomacy and the UK Diplomatic Network
Paul Brummell
‘Under the Cover of Savory Vapors’—Opossums, Power, and Jim Crow Politics.
Stephanie Bryan
Sushi, Sake, and Women
Voltaire Cang
Potlach: Ceremonial Food and Family Power.
Judy Corser
‘Using their native cunning’: Oxford College Servants and Their Perquisites in the Nineteenth Century.
Kathryne Crossley
Food as Power in the Letters of Isabelle d’Este
Allison N Fisher
Food Production, Consumption and Resistance by Japanese Americans Incarcerated by the US Government During World War II
Paula Fujiwara
Muckamuck: Restaurants, Labour, and the Power of Representation.
Sasha Gora
Hunger Strikes as Weapons of Resistance inside Farms and Prisons in the United States
Melissa C. Gouge, Jennifer L. Hostetter
Eating French, Being French: Gastronomy and National Identity in Contemporary France
Jennifer L. Holm
Food, Identity Politics, and Political Correctness in the UK
Fozia Ismail
Marx in my Food Technology? …the Recent Dialectical Emergence of Post-Modernity in Cuisine.
Arielle Johnson
Counter Narratives: American and Canadian Feminist Restaurants from 1972-Present.
Alexandra Ketchum
Weaponizing Food: Communism, the Democratic Transition and Transformations of Taste.
D Koczanowicz, L Koczanowicz
Sugar and Show: Power, Conspicuous Display and Sweet Banquets During Henri III’s 1547 Visit to Venice
Michael Krondl
Canadian Women, Government, and Power at the 1917 Food Control Convention
Kesia Kvill
Making Yakiniku Japanese: Erasing the Korean Contribution from Japan’s Food Culture
Christopher Laurent
American Community Cookbooks and Women’s Empowerment in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.
Don Lindgren
The Power of Eating Together, or the Story of Why Banquets were the Core of Marriage in the Past
Andrea Maraschi
Not in One Place: Parenteral Nutrition and Time-Space Compression.
Jacob Matthews
Encounters of Food and Power in the Australian Colonial Contact Zone. Hanover M Vale – The United States’ Attempt to Restructure Philippine Foodways Following the Philippine-American War.
Frieda Moran
Meat and Power in Communist Romania.
Simona Moti
Going Hungry in the Magdalene Laundries (1922-1996)
Alice Mulhearn, Guila Nicolini
Everything but the Kitchen Syndicate … France’s First Trade Union for Female Cooks.
Samantha Presnal
Sustainable Gastronomy: Power and Energy Use in Food – Is It Possible to Fight Climate Change through Cookery?
Christian Reynolds
‘Mom’ vs the FDA: How Laurie Nolan made the FDA Change the Tilefish Warning and Then Cooked Dinner.
Charity Robey
A Food Utopia? Imagining Libya in Italy’s Liberal Empire.
Or Rosenboim
‘To Make the Whole World Homelike’: Gender and Power in the Food Revolution
Laura Shapiro
True Bread, Pizza Napoletana and Wedding Cakes: The Changing Ways Legal Power Has Shaped Bakers’ Lives.
Richard Shepro
The Culinary Identity Constructions of the Eaton Sisters
Koby Song-Nichols
Lebanese Sea Power: Food and the Phoenicians. Cordula Christina Peters – Staging: Exploitation of young dreamers or generosity of successful chefs?
David Sutton
From Switzerland to South Caucasus: Colonial Legacy, Artisanal Dairy Farming, and Gravyer Cheese.
Mehmet Faith Tatari
Cannibalism and Power: Resituating the Narratives of Post-Soviet Foodways Through Vladimir Sorokin’s Feast.
Svetlana Tcareva
The Shared Power of Hunger Artists and Viennese Actionists.
Carolyn Tillie
Empire of Wheat: Bread, Power and Colonialism in the French Empire (1890-1940).
Nicholas Tošaj
There’s a Crisis. There’s a Crisis: The Power of Laws and Lies in the Italian Fascist Kitchen
Anne Urbancic
Subsistence Depression in Alaska: Who Gets Paid?
Nina Vizcarrando
The ‘Power’ of Health in Soul Food: Perspectives from Edna Lewis and Vertamae Grosvenor.
Jessica Kenyatta Walker
Cooking in Calais: Examining the Creation of Food Sovereignty when Distributing Food in the Jungle.
Féilim Ó Cuireáin
2018 - Seeds
The papers are available to buy as the 2018 Proceedings.
Reclaiming Diversity of Taste.
Isaura Andaluz
On the Culture of Cheese.
David Asher
Eating Life Force: The Meaning of Seeds in the German Alternative Food Movement.
Volker Bach
Seeds in the Story of the Paradise of Pleasure and the Myth of the So-Called Mediterranean Diet.
Adrian Bregazzi
The Naked Barley ‘Thorebygg’ in Traditional Farmhouse Ale Brewing in Norway.
Hans Olav Bråtå
Neapolitan Pastiera: The Religious Significance of Wheatberries and Socio-Culinary Complexity in Southern Italy.
Anthony Buccini
The Sesame Seed and ‘Japaneseness’.
Voltaire Cang
From Peasant Food to Posh Ingredient: A History of Buckwheat in Brittany.
Mary Margaret Chappell
Field Selection in Plant Breeding: Different Ways of Knowing Seed. Castro, Bel – How Coffee Killed A Town: Investigating the Rise And Fall Of Coffee In Lipa, Batangas.
Renata Christen
Seeding the Future: Curry, Sausages and Tea in Hong Kong and Macau.
Mukta Das
Preparing Seeds for Palatability: Chicken Guts and Chefs’ Tools.
Len Fisher
Fenugreek in Modern North Africa: Seed of a Forgotten History.
Anny Gaul
A Land of Wheat: In Search of the Lost Grain of Israel/Palestine.
B.Z. Goldberg, Ronit Vered
The Long and Simple History of the Dibble and Its Cousins.
Peter Hertzmann
‘The answers to our ancestors’ prayers:’ Seeding a Movement for Health and Culture.
Elizabeth Hoover, Sean Sherman
Pomodori Puri: Fruits of Empowerment in Deledda’s The Church of Solitude.
Eilis Kierans
Planting the Seeds of Good Food Citizenry.
Joshna Maharaj
The Seed of Hope: Acorns from Famine Food to Delicacy in European History.
Andrea Maraschi
European Immigrants‘ Vegetable Gardens: Food and Memory in Early 20th Century Brazilian Coffee Plantationsy’
Sandra Mian
Illegal seeds: Nowadays Taste Doesn´t Matter.
Katharina Mojescik
Growing and Eating God: Tracking the Mental Image of Wheat in Traditional Romanian Communities.
Raluca Parfentie
Seeds in Art.
Gillian Riley
Toil, Misery, Sieves, and Geometry: A Brief (Personal) History of Flour Milling Over the Last 105,000 Years.
Andrew Ross
In a Sense, Imperfect: Seedlessness and the American Quest for Convenience in Fruit.
Jeffrey Rubel
Chocolate and Vanilla: Seeds of Taste.
Kathryn Sampeck
Replenishing the Seeds that Made Southern Cookery.
David Shields
Choice of Seeds, Not Only a Practical Matter: The case of Bambara Groundnut in Tanzania.
Hanna Simonsen
Zoochory: Animals Spread Seeds in a Dung Deal.
Raymond Sokolov
Traveling Seeds: How Mexican Wheat Hybrids Became the Seeds that Feed the World.
Gabriela Soto Laveaga
Revisiting the Acorn-Eater: The Case of the Arkadians in Greek Antiquity
Corey Straub
Food of the Gods, or Seed of the Devil?
David Sutton
The English Quest for Novelty: Kitchen Garden Seeds from Abroad from the Sixteenth to the Early Eighteenth Centuries
Malcolm Thick
Seed-Time: Sex, Politics and Sustainable Dining at the Fin-de-Siècle.
Kate Thomas
The Centrality of Traditional Seed in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Jaci Van Niekerk, Rachel Wynberg
Mustard in the Talmudic Literature.
Susan Weingarten
The Potential of Cultivating Rice (Oryza Sativa) in Canada
Katie Hoi Ki Wong
Karakilçik Bugdayi and Its Promise for a Better Food World
Zafer Yenal