Remembering Harlan

Image credit: Philip Walker
The Symposium’s President, Claudia Roden, pays tribute to Harlan Walker who passed away on 16th December 2017

Harlan Walker was the much loved angel of the Oxford Symposium, for years seeing to absolutely everything that made the Symposium possible, from editing and printing the papers to organizing and running the registration and catering arrangements.

He ran everything single handedly, sometimes with the help of his son Philip and other members of his family, until the early 2000s. He continued to attend trustee meetings giving advice and helping to solve problems even when he was unwell.
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Beloved of Kings and Kindergartners

Image credit
The deep history of humble apfelmus

Volker Bach continues his occasional series on German historical recipes.

In modern German cuisine, apfelmus is a ubiquitous staple usually served with potato pancakes or as a dessert in its own right. Supermarkets sell industrially produced versions cheaply in glass jars or carton packages, and organic makers often combine theirs with other fruit or spices to make it more interesting. It looks entirely like a product of the twentieth century, but this commonplace food has a long and noble tradition.
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2014 Symposium Proceedings Free on Google Books


Food and Markets

We are pleased to announce that another volume of our proceedings is now available on Google Books for free: Food and Markets.

Learn about the Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul, the kosher poultry racket in early twentieth century New York, the beginnings of the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and more here.

The Symposium proceedings are published by Prospect Books for three years after publication. After this point they are available for free on Google Books.
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