Squirrel Pie at the Symposium

Three symposiasts and their work

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Andrew Dalby introduces a new series featuring Symposiasts and their work

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Symposiasts at Work: Ken Albala

Ken Albala.

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Andrew Dalby introduces Symposiast Ken Albala

Ken has been a regular symposiast since 1997. Hear him speak at Oxford and meanwhile visit his blog, Ken Albala’s Food Rant, http://www.kenalbala.blogspot.com/ in which he claims to live at Stockfish, California … Believe this or believe it not, Ken was evidently fated to get trapped in the interface between words and food. One of his early books, The Banquet, surprises the reader with a series of tasty neologisms a few of which were convincing enough to escape his copy-editor’s keen eyes. Next time you encounter the word ‘apastasy’ (refusal to eat pasta) remember that Ken invented it. kamagra 100 chewable tablet 158 Continue reading